Overall Themes:

  • Racism

  • Gun Violence (against black people)

  • Police brutality

  • Materialism in the modern HipHop culture

  • Willful ignorace towards social issues

  • Ignorance fueled by media distractions

  • Stampede panic in the society

    • Everybody tries to flee from what they are afraid of

    • In the end it looks like everybody is coming for you

    • Ultimately everybody is afraid and (mentally/ideologically) runs from the society that is just as afraid (of the same things) as they are


  • Focus on the dance moves and appearances

  • Incredible how desensitized people are against people getting shot in the video

  • A lot of the reaction videos show a disbelief towards the first shooting,

  • Also a lot of videos show a disbelief by laughter or a general confusion about the first shooting.

  • Generally most reaction videos depict a negative emotional reaction to the shooting of the choir (at 1:55/Choir shooting) preceded by a general amusement about Donald’s dance moves (and thus * being distracted from the previous violence)

  • After the first person got shot I was completely distraught and couldn’t get into the dancing or any other aspect of the video.

  • When the choir was shot I immediately made the connection towards the Charleston shooting and how no place was safe from this kind of violence.

  • I am astonished, amazed and downright disgusted by the reaction of black americans to the violence in this video. I have to assume it was their first exposure to this video in particular.

  • My point here being: "If you have an entire generation of people so used to violence that it does not make an impact anymore"; how are you going to change a country?

  • I think this is one of the ideas that Donald Glover and Hiro Murai were aiming at during the production of this video.

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